The Introvert’s Guide To…The Myers-Briggs test

This week, Jess and Phil look at the Myers-Briggs test: Its origins, its uses, and it sometimes problematic aspects.

The Introvert’s Guide To…Dealing With Extroverted Family

In this episode, Jess and Phil answer a listener question about the difficulty of dealing with an Extroverted Family member.

The Introvert’s Guide To…Introvert Super Powers

In this episode, Jess and Phil talk about those talents that tend to be strongest in introverts: the introvert super powers.

The Introvert’s Guide To…Answers Your Questions

We asked our listeners to send us their burning questions about their introvert lives, and we would give our best advice. In this episode, Jess and Phil answer listener questions.

The Introvert’s Guide To…Always Doing It Yourself (And How Not To)

Why do so many introverts have difficulty asking for help, whether it’s trying to carry too many grocery bags home from the store by yourself, or trying to learn something new. In this episode, Jess and Phil admit their struggles with asking for help, and try to find ways to ask for help when they need it.

The Introvert’s Guide To…Apartment Hunting

In this episode, Jess and Phil talk about hunting for an apartment as an introvert, as well as the strange relationship between tenant and landlord, and what (for them) makes a good landlord relationship.

The Introvert’s Guide To…is on hiatus until January

Jess and Phil are taking a brief hiatus over the holidays, so no new episode this week. But we will be back in January, with more episodes of The Introvert’s Guide To…

The Introvert’s Guide To…Being Perceived as Quiet

In this episode, Jess and Phil dig into that phrase that so many introverts hear, “You’re so quiet” and try to dig into the truth behind that idea about introverts.

The Introvert’s Guide To…The Introverted Leader

In this episode, Jess and Phil talk about finding themselves in leadership roles, what makes a good leader, and how introverts (contrary to some) make great leaders.

The Introvert’s Guide To…Feeding Your Relationship

In this episode, Jess and Phil respond to a letter from a listener, and dive into how an introvert can feed their relationships, both with friends and partners.