The Introvert’s Guide To…Video Game “Dependency”

On this episode, Jess and Phil talk about video games, and if either of them is “dependent” on them. Jess discovers that perhaps Phil isn’t quite as dependent as she thought, and Phil discovers that Jess might have a slight addiction to a certain game of crafting in mines.

The Introvert’s Guide To…Questions from Extroverts

In this episode, Jess and Phil answer questions that extroverts have for introverts. Questions were solicited from r/extroverts and from social media.

The Introvert’s Guide To…Living with Roommates

In this episode, Jess and Phil talk about living with roommates, and how to handle roommate socializing as an introvert.

Bonus: The Extroverts Guide to Social Distancing

In our first ever bonus episode, Jess and Phil have some suggestions for our extroverts who might be struggling with social distancing.

The Introvert’s Guide To…Being Mistaken for Shy

In this episode, Jess and Phil talk about being mistaken for shy, and how often being introverted is conflated with being shy.

The Introvert’s Guide To…The Open Concept Office

In this episode, Jess and Phil talk about the challenges of working in an open concept office as an introvert.

The Introvert’s Guide To…Maintaining Friendships

In this episode, Jess and Phil come up with strategies to maintain their friendships: from texting, to reminder apps, to (ugh) phone calls.

The Introvert’s Guide To…plays would you rather

Last episode was a little heavy, so this episode is all fun and games: Jess and Phil play Would You Rather, and try to make each other shudder.

The Introvert’s Guide To…Grieving

In this episode, Jess and Phil talk about grieving.

CW: This episode contains a lengthy discussion about death and grief, as well as healthy (and maybe not so healthy) coping mechanisms for introverts. This is a topic that some listeners may find difficult to listen to, and discretion is advised.

The Introvert’s Guide To…The Gym

In this episode, Jess and Phil discuss the gym: a place Phil has seldom been (just enough to reinforce his dislike of it), and a place Jess used to spend time. Also: why are there no introvert friendly gyms?