The Introvert’s Guide to…Dealing with “Clingy” Relationships

In this episode, Jess and Phil discuss dealing with “clingy” relationships; those friends that demand more time you can give, or the romantic relationship that anxious or upset if they can’t be with you all the time.

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2 comments on “The Introvert’s Guide to…Dealing with “Clingy” Relationships
  1. karol rodrigues says:

    I discovered the podcast after an introverted person stopped talking to me, blocked me… It hit me so hard, so hard. It still hurts today. It’s been almost two months since this happened. I just wanted to understand what happened. I’m trying to understand about introverts and I saw that I did it all wrong. With each new piece of information about introverts, I feel like a punch in the stomach. I was wrong, and I confess that I can’t hear this episode until the end. It’s too painful to hear because I really did everything an introvert doesn’t like. But I didn’t know… And sometimes what you guys say about dating… There are people who just fall in love easily and it’s not because of a TV series, we all have a kind of a lack when looking for relationships. In these cases I always remember the title of the work by Carson McCullers, “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”. Okay, the story is in a very different context than introverts, but the title… Some of the things you said hurt me, but it was because I remembered my personal experience. I understand the issue of not liking your dates, because of some attitudes, but I found it a little cruel. Sometimes I feel like you talk like no one understands you, and everyone is inconvenient and intrusive. Maybe I’m overreacting, but just maybe you shouldn’t do the same things that extroverts do to introverts: judge. I really didn’t know what to do with an introvert and I’m really sorry. I’m trying to not judge her. I was angry at first, but then researched it to understand (maybe I should have done this sooner…). I would never intentionally be intrusive, but I was. When I like someone I want to express it. But I think it would be much better if the introvert I liked had made it clear that what I was doing was bothering her… Communicating is very important. I don’t think anyone can guess if you don’t talk. Feelings don’t have a rule (unfortunately).

    But thanks for the podcast. This is important information. I just wish I had found it before I did everything wrong with the person I liked.


    1. Phil says:

      Thanks for your constructive feedback. And thanks for listening. we’re glad you found it helpful, even if it was after the fact.

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