This podcast was inspired by a reddit post, where the OP (Original Poster) complained: I’m an introvert and I don’t have hobbies… how do I get one? In this episode, Jess and Phil talk about hobbies. Is it possible to have hobbies that don’t have a social aspect? Does the fear of social hobbies keep some introverts from pursuing hobbies that they might otherwise pursue? Phil and Jess talk about hobbies they are currently pursuing, ones they started and abandoned, and more.

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1 comment on “The Introvert’s Guide to…Hobbies
  1. Samuel says:

    I work in the civil service, so that’s a huge deal because it drains my energy a great deal… but one hobby/skill I love and would not give up for anything is my music. I play in an orchestra and it gives me joy, the musis more than makes up for other inconveniences, apart from that, I stay away from people and totally LOVE IT when they do the same.

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