The Introvert’s Guide To…”I will die on this hill” 1

In this episode, we present Jess and Phil facing off in a semi-regular “game” we’re calling “I will die on this hill” in which one of our hosts, presents the other with a controversial statement about a way they interact with the world, and the other reacts and tries to convince them otherwise. Here, Phil tells us what happens when a cafe he goes to knows his order before he gives it, and Jess reacts in horror.

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1 comment on “The Introvert’s Guide To…”I will die on this hill” 1
  1. Steven Allen says:

    I have a coffee shop next to the theatre I work at that I am a “regular” at and I too am an introvert (pretty sure Jess can attest to this). I can walk up in the morning and with a minimum of interaction get my coffee and BLT on a bagel when I have no social spoons to spend and get out with as little as a thumbs up, a “good morning” and a “have a good day”.
    Done, Gone, OUTTA THERE!

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