The Introvert’s Guide To…Parties (revisited)

Jess and Phil return to the topic that still plagues them (and many introverts): parties.

The Introvert’s Guide To…Knowing You’re an Introvert

In this episode, Jess and Phil talk about how to know that you’re an introvert.

The Introvert’s Guide To…Group Work

In this episode, Jess and Phil talk about group work, both at school and work, and how to survive it.

The Introvert’s Guide To…Breaking Plans

On this episode, Jess and Phil discuss the stories we tell when we break plans. Both things we tell other people, and the stories we tell ourselves.

Introvert’s Guide To…Valentine’s Day

In this episode: Valentines Day. Jess and Phil talk about whether Valentines is awesome, or whether it’s terrible, and then: some coping mechanisms for dealing with Valentines Day as a single introvert.

Introvert’s Guide to…Surviving Small Talk

In this episode Jess and Phil talk about how to survive small talk.

The Introvert’s Guide to… Coming May 10, 2018

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