The Introvert’s Guide To…Travel

Travel can be fun, but the problem with travel is…other people. In this episode, Phil and Jess try to find ways to deal with travelling and the people we encounter, from the helpful to the less than helpful.

The Introvert’s Guide To…Parties

Parties, the bane of introverts everywhere. The number one event that makes many of us want to breathe into a paper bag. In this episode, we try to find some real options for dealing with parties (that aren’t “lets not go to parties”).

The introvert’s Guide to…Phil and Jess

The “handshake” episode. Let’s meet our hosts, Phil and Jess, and learn a little about them. In this episode: Phil will make an “introvert confession” about encountering acquaintances on the street.

The introvert’s guide to… The Trailer

Every two weeks, starting on May 10, we’ll tackle an issue around being an introvert in what seems like an extrovert’s world.

From surviving parties, to networking, to dating, to travel, to work, we’re covering all of those things that make us want to breathe into a paper bag.

We’ll also answer your questions about surviving as an introvert, and we’ll even have guests now and then to talk about their experiences, all geared towards helping us (and YOU) figure out these tricky interactions.